International Representatives Law Guide

Client LoginThe International Representatives Law Guide™ contains a country-by-country overview of the local laws, regulations, practices, and government policies that apply to the engagement, management, compensation, and termination of sales representatives, sales agents, and consultants.

Specifically created for companies that sell products and services through a sales agent, representative, or consultant, the International Representatives Law Guide will provide information for each country covering:

  • The permissibility of retaining representatives/consultants for sales involving military and/or commercial products to the government, as well as commercial products outside the government context.
  • Law and government policy regarding the permissibility of the payment of commissions, as well as any limitations on permissible amounts or percentages.
  • Typical treatment of representatives/consultants and commissions in government tender documents.
  • Citizenship, residency, and/or incorporation requirements specific to representatives/consultants.
  • Registration requirements for representatives/consultants and/or contracts and any associated requirements or approvals.
  • Laws regulating the termination of representatives/consultants, including any applicable indemnities.
  • Restrictions on using former military or civilian government employees as representatives/consultants.
  • The extent to which local law will give effect to contractual provisions on governing law and dispute resolution mechanisms and the extent to which mandatory local law may supersede a contract.

Countries Available

Initially, twenty-five countries will be available. Ten countries per year will be added in years two and three for a total of 45 countries in the initial subscription period. These countries will be available in the first year:

Czech RepublicRomania
EgyptSaudi Arabia
IndiaSlovak Republic
IndonesiaSouth Korea
JordanUnited Arab Emirates